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During one of my travels, with my outlaws  brothers, I was in front of the coliseum. The voices of the Romans, who exhorted their champions, were heard, fighting for glory. Curiosity pushed me in, so I noticed my champion, who stole my heart. That was how he joined the Hadrian family.
No Rank Records for August
Last Seen inRomanum IV
22 hours ago

GM Statistics for YagoShadow Resident
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
Last 24 hour Captures
1 : AlexBeauchamp (Romanum IV)
2 : AlexBeauchamp (Romanum IV)
3 : Becon77 (Romanum IV)
4 : Becon77 (Romanum IV)
5 : Maarlon Bluebird (Romanum IV)
6 : Tybalt Caproni (Romanum IV)
Total: 6 times downed somebody
Last 24 hour Captured by
1 : Tybalt Caproni (Romanum IV)
2 : Becon77 (Romanum IV)
3 : AlexBeauchamp (Romanum IV)
4 : SWIGART5555 (Romanum IV)
Total: 7 times captured
Last 24 hour Binds
Total: 0 times bound somebody
Last 24 hour bound by
Total: 0 times been bound
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