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Personal Statistics for SulpiciaTynan [OFF]
SulpiciaTynan Resident Profile Image
owned by Branndon and Oceane
THERE is a collar on neck - I just do not wear with all outfits

Prefer voice, typing is limited - hand issues
 + won't be fixed -

 NO 1 on 1  online - IT DOESNT work - get over it.
read Profile  -- more so 4 gor
NOT a BOOTY call cause your bored - want booty, cap me. end of story. -- or RP LOCAL 

ooc- NOT a slave- do not joke on it, do not say I am, U will get muted.

☠ ☣ ☆ ♥  ✿⊱╮
SulpiciaTynan has disabled viewing of her stats



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