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Personal Statistics for SarahSimone [ON]
sleeps mostly at Mirkwood Forest
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Quote of the day:
"[14:53:35] Breezy (sarahsimone): Panthers are pussies of the forest, panther girls are fierce and arrogant, you slimy sleen!

Opinions is like bung-holes everybody has one & they all stink. Have yours of how Gor is & let others have theirs. It's all shades of gray.

What is good roleplay? Anton Chekhov described it perfectly whilst talking of writing:
"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass"

Combat in Gor should always be foreplay to rol
Rank373 / 3,116 (February)
Last Seen inMirkwood Forest
5 minutes ago

GM Statistics for SarahSimone Resident
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
Last 24 hour Captures
1 : Eliana Fierenza (Mirkwood Forest)
Total: 1 times downed somebody
Last 24 hour Captured by
1 : Gage Strom (Mirkwood Forest)
2 : Mikayla Nexen (Mirkwood Forest)
Total: 2 times captured
Last 24 hour Binds
Total: 0 times bound somebody
Last 24 hour bound by
1 : Mikayla Nexen (Mirkwood Forest)
Total: 1 times been bound
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