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▶BDO  & jotnar i wont go i refuse to fuck about changing meters  ▶
unless called by buddys then i gots to go

[11:32] sαвα cαzαℓεт  MIN㊉тÂUR (saba.minotaur): grandma raised me a thug nigga!

so theres this whift of * sniffs* bullshit from formor buddys of mine a wise stranger once said 

[18:44] Bяυиø ŘɐρʇΩɾε Bιттεиcøυят (brunobittencourt): we never do wrong... we just do calculated mistakes

 [15:08] GM 4.51 ~ Alasdair McAndrews Has Captured Saba Minotaur!
Saba Minotaur has disabled viewing of his or her stats



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