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Personal Statistics for Latinn Idler [ON]
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I am called bBob Rau, Scarlet Caste of Gor, hired bow with Bloodfire outlaws, 
 I am told I might be a bit "stoic"  I assure you behind the steel gaze I do have a woman her name is Chaos she and our 4 girls Ahava eldest and the twins Hannah and Asa and my youngest Lily are my world so no others need apply. I STAY IC AT ALL TIMES THERE IS NO RP MODE FOR WHEN CAPPED!
No Rank Records for February
Last Seen inTarnburg
11 hours ago

GM Statistics for Latinn Idler
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
Last 24 hour Captures
1 : Dominique Orfein (Tarnburg)
Total: 1 times downed somebody
Last 24 hour Captured by
Total: 0 times captured
Last 24 hour Binds
1 : Tamara Ixito (Tarnburg)
Total: 1 times bound somebody
Last 24 hour bound by
Total: 0 times been bound
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Second Life Grid Status
 Wed, 21 Mar 2018 07:00:00 -0700
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