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I'm also on Sansar (new second life) www.sansar.com add me sorrow

I am an Italian boy and I am 28 years old.

I am often connected with the Lumiya Android application, with VR viewer, and I can not reply to messages.

add me on "KIK" App, my nick is Pain850

== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
100% Switch 
95% Degradee 
94% Sadist 
92% Masochist 
84% Degrader 
71% Rigger 
71% Primal (Prey) 
67% Dominant 
63% Submissive 
62% Primal (Hunter) 
59% Master/Mistress 
59% Brat tamer 
58% Owner 
52% Exper
JackBauer9 has disabled viewing of his stats



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