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Region info for region `Tuzandi`

Captures 0
Bounds 0
Kills 0
Resets 0

No GM Region Server Installed

If you need one for your region you can get it at Poorlord for free.
If one is on the region, but not showing here click it and re save the settings.

Sim IDsim10480 ( )
* Promissa
    (Last seen July 7th 2020)
* Dreams River
    (Last seen July 1st 2020)
* Tuzandi
    (Last seen June 20th 2020)
* Voluspa Aelfa Dene
    (Last seen May 30th 2020)
* Soulgiver
    (Last seen April 21st 2020)
* Seascape
    (Last seen April 19th 2020)
* Ibarnon
    (Last seen December 13th 2019)
* Sacred Island
    (Last seen August 15th 2019)
* Lipshen
    (Last seen July 30th 2019)
Sim LocationSan Francisco (CA) US
Sim Version19.06.14.528215



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