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Green River Cove

 Green River Cove
Captures 15,351
Bounds 7,529
Kills 37
Resets 655

Fall dammageON
Weaker femalesOFF
Simple weapons like stones can make strikeOFF
When recovering health starts at 20%ON
Stronger melee weaponsON
Coin System (Deprecated)ON
RLV EnhancedOFF
Zero splash dammageOFF
Short SplashOFF
Splash filtersON
Defensive playON
Old style muskets, pistols and cannonsOFF
Avatar(tm) Movie-RPON
Stronger Animals (Beast Meter)OFF
Dead Time24h
Allow pick pocket (Deprecated)ON
Server owner : MasterJonathan Python
Sim IDsim10006 ( )
* Tupi
    (Last seen July 22nd 2017)
* UIW Cardinal
    (Last seen July 21st 2017)
* Pippen
    (Last seen July 21st 2017)
    (Last seen July 21st 2017)
* Armageddon Island
    (Last seen July 21st 2017)
* Amnesia Cove
    (Last seen July 20th 2017)
* Lost Boys
    (Last seen July 17th 2017)
* Green River Cove
    (Last seen July 17th 2017)
* Ocean View
    (Last seen July 15th 2017)
Sim LocationSan Francisco (CA)
Sim Version17.06.12.327066



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