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Listed Regions in the Database
(Showing Only those that have activity in the past 14 days and are flagged Gorean and have more then 5 caps/binds listed.)

Not Listed or in the wrong section? contact Nadia Windlow or Jaraziah Lowell to have it changed.
Only when a FULL sim, so full ground level is Gorean RP Based, not mainland!
Super Evolved Gor
Gor Evolved lands favoring frequent intersim raids and rescues. Encourages roleplay of those captured who are awaiting rescue (More then five raids a week)
Black Desire Outlawz (Black Desire)3.08% Negative Black Diamond50.53% Negative Caracus Island1.32% Negative
Cats4.1% Negative Dark Sword Outlaws (Sword Death)79.2% Negative Fang16.61% Negative
Forgotten City of Ko-ro-ba (Forgotten)6.54% Negative Ghost Wraiths (Ghost Stronghold)100% Negative Hamlet of Tivar (Silent Running)84.82% Negative
Helheimr (Cascade Coast)0.59% Negative Hellhounds of Valinor (The Bloodrose Empire)4.46% Negative Hoch Burg (Kings Rock)24.79% Negative
Hydra (Richman)49.71% Negative Isle of the Betrayed (Barbada)0.54% Negative JOTNAR (Wolfsland)2.8% Negative
Jungle of Sin CTF (Jungle of Sin)100% Negative Magi Of Ianda (Little Bay)9.69% Negative Metamorphosis15.88% Negative
Provinz Rorus16.17% Negative RAVENFJORD MARAUDERS (Forgotten Hills)0.94% Negative Skerry of Einar9.14% Negative
Sylvanas100% Negative Torvald70.52% Negative Torvaldsberg Vikings (Acorn Valley)0.98% Negative
Valhalla Outlaws (Bloodstone)35.66% Negative Victrix Mortalis (Ironhall)3.87% Negative [TF] Mercenary (Tarnburg)23.35% Negative
27 SEG Sims Listed

Gor Evolved
Gorean lands that allow women and slaves to carry weapons and enter combat. All-around roleplay-focused, though raid, rescue, and capture roleplay is usually more limited (Usually less than five raids a week)
Angel in Heaven0.2% Negative Aracena0.68% Negative Ardeur31.07% Negative
Argentum Silver Mines (Black Caste)0.76% Negative Asgard Marauders (Devils Cry)4.43% Negative Bay Bridge2.69% Negative
BAZI5.94% Negative Blood Claw Lands (Summer Cove)10.23% Negative Bond5.63% Negative
Brethren Cove3.24% Negative Casmu Red Savage - Tribe of Kaii (Tabor Tropics)14.9% Negative Cedar Creek0.88% Negative
Chaos5.97% Negative CoCK (Kasra)2.77% Negative Daracha Village (Tabor Fields)4.14% Negative
Die Nördlichen Wälder (Blue Silence)4.23% Negative Euphorbia Island2.84% Negative Fellglanz62.51% Negative
Feral Woods 11.97% Negative Glory Land27.79% Negative Golden Waters Passage (Golden Water)22.66% Negative
Greenland32.07% Negative HelStorm (Jattarna Av Hem)2.36% Negative Hidden Forest64.24% Negative
Hrimgar42.11% Negative Isla Mariposa7.46% Negative Isla Tequila9.03% Negative
Isle of Sin18.3% Negative Kalana Woods (Lost Cove)2.08% Negative Les Salines0.22% Negative
Longshadow Outlaws (Wind River)3.85% Negative LR Weapons100% Negative Malinda Constantine (Talender Moon)20.3% Negative
Meteor Garden0.4% Negative Mirkwood Bay1.6% Negative Mirkwood Forest47.52% Negative
Mistic Forest0.74% Negative Nahele Wahine (Celenia Islands)0.18% Negative Northern Lights Bay5.68% Negative
Northern Outpost (Voodoo Curse)3.16% Negative Odins Land (Valparaiso)21.7% Negative Olni Shore12.81% Negative
Pacific Isle8.81% Negative Petite Gaule3.56% Negative Port Blair10.74% Negative
Ravens Clan (Avarua Bay)0.32% Negative Ravi1.39% Negative Rheannon31.14% Negative
Saint2.45% Negative Siba100% Negative Suedland: Thassainsel (Thassainsel)17.13% Negative
Suedland: Thassaland (Thassaland)13.63% Negative Tarnfell (The North)15.83% Negative TazBerg2.41% Negative
The island of Jad (Smiles)23.33% Negative The Ruins11.1% Negative The Village of Valinor (Kings Tower)3.33% Negative
Thornstein Camp (Willow Cove)1.59% Negative Three Moons Valley23.55% Negative Three Moons Valley Isle (Elation)17.34% Negative
TierraS De Nordheim (Kanata Bay)2.36% Negative Tinys Haven3.42% Negative Topanga Canyon6.4% Negative
Toyen6.97% Negative Twin Falls (Applegate)16.93% Negative Valkyrie Forest100% Negative
Village of Gimli90.92% Negative Whispering Moons100% Negative WideWorld Lisboa1.12% Negative
Wood Island55.15% Negative wood island II7.89% Negative
71 GE Sims Listed

By The Books Gor
Gorean lands focused on daily life roleplay and personalities that focus on the language of the John Norman books. Raids play a limited role (Probably, one raid a week or less)
Angels of Love14.8% Negative Arcathia5.63% Negative Artisan Fantasy19.86% Negative
Baroda6.22% Negative Besnit55.43% Negative Besnit North8.03% Negative
Bewitched3.99% Negative Blodfjellet (Coral Mist)3.44% Negative Boswell Pass28.77% Negative
Callera (Whispering Hills)13.22% Negative City of Lara (Salem)7.5% Negative City of Ti16.33% Negative
City of Tor32.7% Negative Clearchus (CeRa)9.57% Negative Crossroads of Torcadino (Regalis)9.66% Negative
Dark Life5.04% Negative Desolate39.08% Negative Domination10.55% Negative
Down Under15.53% Negative Fantasy Dream (Jungles of Mist)16.5% Negative Fasnia25.61% Negative
Ferrera54.48% Negative Forest of14.49% Negative Forest of Gor5.36% Negative
Free25.48% Negative Gilded Rose Isles68.18% Negative Gorean Campus40.43% Negative
Gorean Campus South6.29% Negative Halong Bay3.09% Negative Heimthorpe14.55% Negative
Heimthorpe II7.05% Negative Ianda Port25.26% Negative Idiosyncratic15.2% Negative
Into the Mystic11.72% Negative Isle Of Chains (Greenbrier Estate)2.72% Negative Isle Of Currents47.93% Negative
Isle of Landa41.15% Negative Jasna8.95% Negative Jungles of Gor31.69% Negative
Jungles of Schendi25.23% Negative Jungles of Ushindi4.97% Negative Kinyanpi Barrens (Royal Court Spain)16.11% Negative
Ko ro ba1.82% Negative Lar-Gor16.51% Negative Laurius Forest (Stari Nights)13.83% Negative
Legio I Germanica (Pearl Gulf)11.31% Negative New Hulneth (Wild Meadow)33.2% Negative Northern Forest6.78% Negative
Northern Panther Forest0.52% Negative Nuku Iva13.2% Negative Odins Hub48.71% Negative
Olni100% Negative Olni Var11.31% Negative Outpost of Laura (Birch Island)13.25% Negative
Pleasant Hill7.6% Negative Port City of Turmus (Bound Beauty)9.22% Negative Port Cos (BtB) (Fantastico)5.07% Negative
Port Kar (Larl Valley)22.33% Negative Port Victoria (Transilvania)4.13% Negative Province Rarn9.06% Negative
Pueblo de Melgaard, rosewolf isl (Rosewolf Island)19.25% Negative Raven25.91% Negative Raw Beauty8.66% Negative
Red Sea24.35% Negative Respitika Isle72.77% Negative Rising Sun Isle1.21% Negative
Royal Dreams1.26% Negative Runefalls (The Falls)14.56% Negative Saint Augustin9.08% Negative
Sais100% Negative Sensual Twilight35.31% Negative Serendipity76.24% Negative
Shiga14.47% Negative Silver Run1.72% Negative Skjøldur (Windfall Valley)0.22% Negative
Suedland: Tahari Kavarland (Tahari Kavarland)8.05% Negative Suedland:Talunaland (Talunaland)34.24% Negative SunSet dAlliez8.67% Negative
Svago (Grenada)24.2% Negative Tampica (CLEO)20.79% Negative Tancreds Landing11.11% Negative
Tarnburg (Despina)3.22% Negative Teletus Port Cyprian (Port Cyprian)18.49% Negative TETRAPOLI BTB (Oracle Sparc)12.92% Negative
Tharna Julinee38.3% Negative Tharnock Hills3.72% Negative The Sardar Passage19.43% Negative
The Snake Den28.95% Negative The Soaring Herlit58.4% Negative The Vikings of Fengr (Busty Paradise)3.88% Negative
The Wagons of Turia (Amalthea)30.12% Negative Thentis36.13% Negative TMP100% Negative
Torvaldsland Wilds6.9% Negative True Gorean Nomads20.13% Negative Two Scimitars Oasis17.68% Negative
Vaeringr Highlands11.24% Negative Valnor Isle66.89% Negative Vengeance Isle13.19% Negative
Village of Torviksburg (Brat Haven)11.93% Negative
100 BTB Sims Listed

Not yet marked for any section yet seen today
Art Deco Province of Caralis (Art Deco)10.28% Negative Boseong55.06% Negative Gorean20.26% Negative
HOUSE OF HULDSCHINSKY (Dolores)1.42% Negative Immak (Yakuza)5.17% Negative MultiScene Rentals741.16% Negative
PCoB (Gardens of Gor)7.71% Negative Pink Paradise9.61% Negative Poorlord50.68% Negative
Rio Grande19.28% Negative Satbyeul30.51% Negative The Minotaur Empire (Athyra Isle)12.91% Negative
Xuxorr20.73% Negative

Totall Number of Sims shown above: 211

We have organized the regions into three categories to try to put similarly-themed places together. While the organization may be seen as abitrary,
the purpose is to allow both new people joining SL and Gor, as well as current players, to more easily find the type of fighting and role-playing
that suits their interests. The intent was also to reflect the activity of the regions and how much fighting goes on in them. Why were SEG, GE, and
BtB chosen? Well, BtB and GE have for a long time been used describe groups and regions. As for SEG, it was chosen mostly to reflect the large
activity in them that is focused on fighting and in the type of rules they have agreed-to for raids and roleplaying. We think that three groups
will allow for the high combat oriented regions their own statistics and to more easily compare their statistics in inter-region combat, and to
give them a new type of top ten list to reach.

For better advertisement of your group and or sim, edit your GM Region server and at #region_alternate_name# put your group name,
and if desired, your groups main language for example Gorean Outlaws (EN), max 32 characters

Regions Info
Fall Damage88,8%Drowning84,2%Weaker females28,3%
Slave Weapons do DMG97,4%When recovering 0%HP58,8%Allow Aiding47,7%
15dmg Melee Weapons3,4%No GM Coin System (Hud)4,9%50% Splash13,9%
Splash Filters Off15,1%No Defensive Play2,3%Old style weapons4,8%
Bandaging *Update*95,5%Stamina2,5%Avatar(tm) Movie-RP3,0%
No Beast Strength11,7%Require RLV1,7%Do not Allow Pick Pocket6,0%
Zero splash damage45,5%Dead Time not 24h11,3%Number of Sims1,408

Active Sim Version
SL Sim VersionSimsName 224 4 1 1 1,162 10

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Valkyrie Forest75127
Valkyrie Forest88108



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