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This site holds curently the stats for the Gorean Meter made by
Alika  Nadia  Kenaz  Jara 

Special thanks for contributions to:
Anhandreu Riederer, Elysia Pau, Brigette Wade, Janna Shuftan and Aaron Greenberg plus all who helped testing.

Running since December 3th 2007 (First Meter was released in November 20th 2007)

 Wednesday, 24 May 2017
GM 4.62 is out! Today we release 4.62, after a week listening on what all be needing, an fix has bin looked in to and made when posible. The largest complain was apparently the display render cost for the meter and binds. ☑ Fix : the command /12 meter check and /12 meter scan for administrators no longer worked, repaired this ☑ Fix : Can bandage while being death ☑ Update : Meter check API checks only HUD, moved this to meter and ship API with meter. ☑ Update : Binds to small, Re-meshed a set of new ones and lowered render cost's ☑ Add : Leash holder for those that want it... ☑ Remove : AFK Circle was not much enjoyed so we removed it ☑ Remove : The famous "your not in range to do things to XXX", now silently fails if to far. GM 4.62 Display Cost 2144 GM 4.61 Display Cost 10636 (Sometimes 36062 or more O.o) GM 4.51 Display Cost 1516 (9480 Binds) Hugs, Alika and Jara
 Thursday, 18 May 2017
GM 4.61 is out Due to an flaw in Linden Labs right system, the 4.60 Meter prims (and meshes) created by Jaraziah Lowell ended to become full mod. Whilest this should be literally impossible, it obviously caused an havoc trough out the grid by the somewhat less honorable players. Thus an emergency release was created under Kenaz Huntress, packaged and shipped early this morning. An few flaws slipped in due that. The old meter checker api now no longer works. The command /12 meter check, no longer works. An new api is available in the GM Support group, for the /12 check command a update be needed, but this is not an priority issue to force one out just now. We can do a few weeks without it while we maintain monitoring if any other issues arise. No longer can an old meter be used to bandage, this will result in an message stating an old bandage was used. 4.61 meters can only be bandaged by 4.61 meters. Hugs, Alika and Jara
 Wednesday, 17 May 2017
GM 4.60 is out And we are running, GM 4.60 has bin released to the grid. After 17 days of beta running and over 300 people testing the beta. I hope we got all pesty bugs fixxed and that it is as much liked as it's prebious version! Hugs, Alika and Jara
 Monday, 1 May 2017
Beta 4.60 is out to test Here a small list of what we have bin doing over the past three weeks for the Beta Prodject
☑ Fix : Velocity check if shield worn to disable if moving to fast ☑ Fix : Number in name disables bandaging system ☑ Fix : Binds can not be rezed in some sims, or avatar has no spot left to wear ☑ Fix : Should not be able to bandage while in a bubble or bound ☑ Fix : Unleash to an closed channel to prevent spam /7 .unleash (*) ☑ Fix : change "avatar group" to a "group code" in hud for group chat ☑ Fix : A small bug allowed for self bandaging, this bin remedied ☑ Add : Use group code for IC counter (**) ☑ Add : Bind Timer to HUD and show your bound ☑ Add : Say in local chat when one was or is leashed / unleashed ☑ Add : More visually AFK marker ☑ Add : Hide/Show Comm system on HUD, by pressing chat icon button ☑ Add : Stats for bandaging ☑ Add : One wrack dmg on Dagger/Hammer hits ☑ Add : Lo Health heartbeat sound (can be disabled by pressing speaker icon button) ☑ Remove : Steal Option from binds, coin system is no longer used. ☑ Update : Move Bandaging to meter, so can know more easy when down, or bound ☑ Update : Bind commands now moved to /7 and not open chat (*) ☑ Update : Changed color of health a bit vs 4.51, melee fighters opted that with 100% defense while lo on health being Red would not be right ☑ Clean : Remove some old code for binds and or other now no longer used thins speeding up the meter more and give room for some other perks and small fixes not mentioned above.
Currently we at Beta 13 Due massive spam on channel one ( /1 ) we changed this to channel seven. So that weapons sheaths and the likes no longer trigger the "your not in range" spam. Also revamped the hud a little and working on lowering render cost of the Meter back to 11,000. Rezed in world the meter and binds are 7,000. Some how when attaching them while they invisible causes render cost to be 41,000 so adding an small cheat to that ro lower them back down. I Guess this is due how LL calcuate render cost at attach.
(*) Bind menu can be gotten by either pressing the person around the chest or by writing /1 gmmenu to get the binds for person Gorean Meter. So the initials plus the command like open collar. And only shows up when bound. (**) IC Counter be shipped with the meter can be placed on the docks, All it needs is a group key (case sensitive)in both the counter and the GM hud and then on dock one can press the counter and see the IC (Arena included) people count. Side Note 1 Bin requested that while bound health is not recovered, this would make it people be more wise in there decision on when to self unbind in combat. While i can see the logic in this, perhaps an region option for that be needed. For now it bin not added and will see if the community wishes such for the next update. Side Note 2 We had request for auto accept binding, and while i in a way can see an use for this, i personally think, it be wrong, if a person can spend time fighting, he or she can also spend time waiting a few min to accept a binding. Rather then going to face book games and ignore sl because you lost. Side Note 3 While we had to add one script to the meter it self, we lost one in the HUD so over all we still at only 5 scripts total! Version 4.60 174 KB for the Meter and 58 KB for the HUD (Total 232 KB), No additional scripts for binds Version 4.51 128 KB for the Meter and 93 KB for the HUD (Total 221 KB), 64KB for Binds Side Note 4 In 4.51 we used 8.5 seconds ticks, so thats 4x 8.5s from start to end of bandaging is 25.5 seconds to bandage, and then 5x 8.5 seconds (42.5 seconds) for cool down. Total time thus 68 seconds while in 4.60 we used 3.0 seconds ticks, so that is 11x 3 seconds from start to end of bandaging is 33.0 seconds to bandage, and we then have a 40 seconds for cool down making it a total of 73 seconds. However, as we use timer event for this, both also might be lengthened by lag on the sim.
Hugs, Alika and Jara
 Thursday, 20 April 2017
Working on Updates Apparently, some content creators believe there product be honorable if they by making slander and lies bring it to the community. So to clear it up Gorean Meter is not quieting, we will keep supporting our community and maintain it. We are working on an update as is but takes a bit longer as a few fixes we want to bring needed some skilled blender editing. As well as a few code fixes. We hope to bring it out this month but if we cant manage that due real life it will be in may. Hugs, Alika and Jara
 Friday, 3 September 2016
Server Crash Our ISP had an issue here in Holland today, it caused the server to start and upgrade, installing a new version of PHP and MySQL, the new Database server did not agree on the combat log file, it was to big and eventually ended in the totall loss of the combat logs. The Personal stats and Region stats where not lost, only the information the sever uses to generate the top x stats, these stats are based on 14 days, so the server will fix it self in the comming 14 days.
 Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Small Website Update We have organized the regions into three categories to try to put similarly-themed places together. While the organization may be seen as abitrary, the purpose is to allow both new people joining SL and Gor, as well as current players, to more easily find the type of fighting and role-playing that suits their interests. The intent was also to reflect the activity of the regions and how much fighting goes on in them. Why were SEG, GE, and BtB chosen? Well, BtB and GE have for a long time been used describe groups and regions. As for SEG, it was chosen mostly to reflect the large activity in them that is focused on fighting and in the type of rules they have agreed-to for raids and roleplaying. We think that three groups will allow for the high combat oriented regions their own statistics and to more easily compare their statistics in inter-region combat, and to give them a new type of top ten list to reach.
 Saterday, 11 April 2015
Oops, a bug in GM 4.5! Releasing 4.51, as there a bug in 4.5 that floods you with shield info due to a small code mistake. This should be the finalized release for today! Known Bug!: People of who the names start with a number ( 1, 2 ) canot be bandaged and can even result in a weird visual status, like 0 health. Knowsn and will be fixed in next release! Known Bug!: Binds still allow looting, even though there is noting to loot; We will address this when we re make the binds
 Saterday, 11 April 2015
GM 4.5 Released! The Update is here and out! The list ... [DEL] Coin System, removed completely [DEL] Inventory System, removed completely [DEL] Poison Damage, removed completely (since there is no logical way for it to exist without crafting to ensure poison strikes are very rare happenings) [ADD] Bandage System, Can be disabled on sim (RP Items can effect meter to 0 disables it, for older Region Servers) Bandages are Unlimited now. Can not be used in OOC and or Arena mode. And have a slight cool down. [ADD] Command to activate or de-active your personal GM stats on the GM website. The command is secured with a key code to ensure no one but your self can make your personal stats visible and public [FIX] Some speed fixes in the HUD so should be even more smooth now [FIX] HUD channels does not go on/off on re-wear, So HUD remembers now [UPD] The msg [Bandaging] will appear when it is set on in the region you arrived in, in your local chat [UPD] Entering and Exiting Arena mode is now announced on MOD channel

Curent GM version 4.51
Regions Listed18,114
Active Persons Listed
(Last 14 days)

Men: 1,804 (41.3%)
Women: 2,555 (58.5%)
Animals: 61 (1.4%)
Unknown: 8 (0.2%)

Dead (older then 14 days): 32,832

People using RLV: 229
People Sharing Stats: 1,123 (25.7%)
Totall Binds 2,091,750
Totall Captures 4,366,484
Totall Kills 33,039
Totall Resets 930,484
Totall Lines Loged 1,726,630
Time Last Action
2017-08-21 10:58:25
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