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If your region is not listed here, it might be due to lost region server settings.
Have your region server owner, click the server and re save the settings.
If your listed here as Unknown, send Nadia Windlow an message with the region name and the list you want to be listed in

Place to get the Region Kit
Poorlord (GM Store) This kit has the GM Despensor, the GM Logo and the GM Region Server for your land.

Listed Regions in the Database
(Showing Only those that have activity in the past 14 days and are flagged Gorean and have more then 5 caps/binds listed.)

Not Listed or in the wrong section? contact Nadia Windlow or Jaraziah Lowell to have it changed.
Only when a FULL sim, so full ground level is Gorean RP Based, not mainland!

Gor Evolved
Gorean lands that allow women and slaves to carry weapons and enter combat. All-around roleplay-focused, though raid, rescue, and capture roleplay is usually more limited (Usually less than five raids a week)
Hidden Forest
Mirkwood Bay
Wood Island
Aria Song Isles (Bonaire41)
Black Coast, Jad, Isle of Cos (Black Coast)
City of Tharna (Tharna Julinee)
Eyedreams/ (Eyedreams)
Jungle of Sin
LR Weapons
Mirkwood Forest
Northern Lights Bay
Secret Bay
Secret Paradise
The Ruins
The Village of Gimli (Village of Gimli)
Topanga Canyon
Twin Falls (Applegate)
Valkyrie Forest
20 GE Sims Listed

By The Books Gor
Gorean lands focused on daily life roleplay and personalities that focus on the language of the John Norman books. Raids play a limited role (Probably, one raid a week or less)
Vier Palmen
Jungles of Ushindi
Phoenix Avalon
Valnor Isle
6 BTB Sims Listed
Avatar Film RP (Usually none Gor, and allows the use of Pistols)
0 Avatar Sims Listed

Fall DammageDrowningWeaker FemalesSlave Dammage
AidingStronger MeleeFull SplashRLV Region
Zero SplashHalf SplashShield UsePistorls Dammage
BandagingAvatar(tm)Beast MetersVariable Damage

Not yet marked for any section yet seen today
Angels of Love Azores Immortals
Isle of Sin Pirate Cove Respitika Isle

Totall Number of Sims shown above: 32

We have organized the regions into three categories to try to put similarly-themed places together. While the organization may be seen as abitrary,
the purpose is to allow both new people joining SL and Gor, as well as current players, to more easily find the type of fighting and role-playing
that suits their interests. The intent was also to reflect the activity of the regions and how much fighting goes on in them. Why were SEG, GE, and
BtB chosen? Well, BtB and GE have for a long time been used describe groups and regions. As for SEG, it was chosen mostly to reflect the large
activity in them that is focused on fighting and in the type of rules they have agreed-to for raids and roleplaying. We think that three groups
will allow for the high combat oriented regions their own statistics and to more easily compare their statistics in inter-region combat, and to
give them a new type of top ten list to reach.

For better advertisement of your group and or sim, edit your GM Region server and at #region_alternate_name# put your group name,
and if desired, your groups main language for example Gorean Outlaws (EN), max 32 characters

Regions Info

90 (85,7%)
Fall Damage

80 (76,2%)

85 (81,0%)
Weaker Femakes

19 (18,1%)
Slave Damage

93 (88,6%)
Recover at 20%

52 (49,5%)
Silent IC Combat

16 (15,2%)
Zero Splash

67 (63,8%)
Half Splash

6 (5,7%)
Range Filters

84 (80,0%)
Defensive Shield

77 (73,3%)
Enhanced Melee

79 (75,2%)
Variable Damage

13 (12,4%)
Silent Arena Combat

26 (24,8%)
Avatar Film Region

1 (1,0%)
RLV Only Region

3 (2,9%)
Pistols Damage

8 (7,6%)

93 (88,6%)
Stronger Beast

58 (55,2%)
Death Time 24 Hour

95 (90,5%)
Number of Sims


Active Sim Version
SL Sim VersionSimsName
2023-05-25.580357 2
2023-05-05.579955 69
2023-04-21.579747 12
2023-04-03.579248 13
2023-03-24.579022 1
2023-02-21.578370 1
2023-01-20.577734 1
2023-01-13.577628 1
2022-11-11.576542 1
2022-08-24.574550 1
2021-08-27.563385 1
2021-02-01.555570 1
2021-01-08.554811 1

GM Dispenser Servers
Update Server LocationLink Requests (Today)Update Requests (Today)
Valkyrie Forest (Sim is off)00
Valkyrie Forest (Sim is off)00



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