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Personal Statistics for Tybalt Caproni [ON]
sleeps mostly at Pompeii - Romanum IV (Romanum IV)
Tybalt Caproni Profile Image
I am blessed with amazing friends & loved ones.
I live in a land of Pure Imagination,
And Romanum, where I am a Gladiator, & Senator.
With Pan/Faunus as My Muse 
I Dance, & play My Pan Pipes  It is essential to who I am.
"Forever children, we will play"

I am Obsessed with Dance & House Music & create Mashups.
I have goals to create for SL
I enjoy a wide variety of themes & people,
especially Historical, Gay, Pagan, & Fantasy genres.
No Rank Records for November
Last Seen inRomanum
1 day ago

GM Statistics for Tybalt Caproni
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