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Personal Statistics for Tybalt Caproni [ON]
sleeps mostly at Romanum 1 (Romanum)
Tybalt Caproni Profile Image
I am blessed with amazing friends & loved ones.
I live in a land of Pure Imagination,
And Romanum, where I am a Gladiator, & Senator.
With Pan/Faunus as My Muse 
I Dance, & play My Pan Pipes  It is essential to who I am.
"Forever children, we will play"

I am Obsessed with Dance & House Music & create Mashups.
I have goals to create for SL
I enjoy a wide variety of themes & people,
especially Historical, Gay, Pagan, & Fantasy genres.
No Rank Records for April
Last Seen inRomanum
16 hours ago

GM Statistics for Tybalt Caproni
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
Last 24 hour Captures
1 : Januarius (Romanum)
Total: 1 times downed somebody
Last 24 hour Captured by
1 : Januarius (Romanum)
2 : Zanderzak (Romanum)
Total: 2 times captured
Last 24 hour Binds
Total: 0 times bound somebody
Last 24 hour bound by
Total: 0 times been bound
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Second Life Grid Status
 Sun, 27 May 2018 15:00:00 -0700
Support closed in observance of Memorial Day

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