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Personal Statistics for Strada Tyran [ON]
sleeps mostly at Two Scimitars Oasis
Strada Tyran Profile Image
The basics are below. A LOT  more in Picks.
1. Profiles are awesome to gauge compatibility. I read them.
2. Here to ROLE PLAY, not random poseball sex. Dont wave your pixels at me without  RP. 
3.Strada prefers male AV's and male players for sex. He does not have sexual contact with, in front of or in chat range of women. That includes women playing male characters.
4. If you even consider using racist, homophobic or any other prejudice remarks or hate speech, its a perm block, ban and TOS
Rank407 / 3,226 (January)
Last Seen inTazBerg
1 week ago

GM Statistics for Strada Tyran
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
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 Wed, 21 Feb 2018 07:00:00 -0800
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