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Personal Statistics for Momothebunny [ON]
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I am open and friendly. I like making sure everyone enjoying their time. I really love getting to know everyone and building bonds. I easily give my trust to anyone, just don't ruin it, and it is very hard to ruin mine. I do not care about you're gender, looks and everything, I am pansexual and love everyone equally as long as their personalities are pleasing. Just do not lie to me. 

Owns  2 gold, 77 silver and 235 copper coins and a ruby

Carries on her person 10 silvers and 20 coppers at all
Rank14 / 2,221 (September)
Last Seen inMirkwood Forest
3 days ago

GM Statistics for Momothebunny Resident
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
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Total: 0 times downed somebody
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Total: 0 times bound somebody
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