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Personal Statistics for Lorilei McCullough [ON]
sleeps mostly at Aracena
Lorilei McCullough Profile Image
Fun loving girl that enjoys life and exploring new things. I am up for anything if you are. My motto that I try to live by we only live once so lets make the best of it and have fun.
RP limits look in Picks
Bond unbroken my friend my soul MikhailDubrinski no mater how much we at times get frustrated can never stay upset and always bind together Harm him is harming me. Like it or not we are always bound together.
Wife/Bond Myst and Liv my bondmate and partner
Rank548 / 3,249 (November)
Last Seen inTazBerg
4 hours ago

GM Statistics for Lorilei McCullough
No real sort order, only 15 per list max!
Last 24 hour Captures
Total: 0 times downed somebody
Last 24 hour Captured by
1 : Aeden Shinn (Aracena)
2 : AvaMarie Blaisdale (TazBerg)
Total: 2 times captured
Last 24 hour Binds
Total: 0 times bound somebody
Last 24 hour bound by
1 : Aeden Shinn (Aracena)
2 : AvaMarie Blaisdale (TazBerg)
Total: 2 times been bound
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 Mon, 11 Dec 2017 09:00:00 -0800
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