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Personal Statistics for ElijahMOriginal [OFF]
ElijahMOriginal Resident Profile Image
Fced to: Mayumi

Orginal Creator/Owner of : Valhalla Outlaws, Sakramentos, 
Snake River Pirates and Unique Outlaws

Advice: dont ever handover your groups to people, they will never be the same!!

Been in gor since dec 2011

Proudly to be:
Son of:  Catta Swords Ɗι Mєяcυяισ (Cattarina Carter)  
Son of:  Mαяcυѕ ƑαтαƖιѕ Ɗι Mєяcυяισ (XRandyX)
My NANA<3 :Sophia Swords

Weapons: Axe & Bow & Blowdart
ElijahMOriginal has disabled viewing of his stats



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