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Region info for region `Besaid Temple`
Besaid Temple

 Besaid Temple
Captures 125
Bounds 84
Kills 0
Resets 13

Fall dammageON
Weaker femalesOFF
Simple weapons like stones can make strikeON
When recovering health starts at 20%ON
Stronger melee weaponsON
Coin System (Deprecated)ON
RLV EnhancedOFF
Zero splash dammageON
Short SplashOFF
Splash filtersOFF
Defensive playON
Old style muskets, pistols and cannonsOFF
Avatar(tm) Movie-RPOFF
Stronger Animals (Beast Meter)ON
Dead Time24h
Allow pick pocket (Deprecated)ON
Server owner : boricuapapipr1
Sim IDsim10278 ( )
* Isle de Amazons
    (Last seen April 28th 2017)
* Namaste Isle
    (Last seen April 27th 2017)
* Lost Angels
    (Last seen April 27th 2017)
* Deer Brush
    (Last seen April 25th 2017)
* Potter
    (Last seen April 23rd 2017)
* TheShores
    (Last seen April 23rd 2017)
* Besaid Temple
    (Last seen April 23rd 2017)
* Georgi
    (Last seen April 23rd 2017)
* Prince Land
    (Last seen April 17th 2017)
Sim LocationSan Francisco (CA)
Sim Version17.04.03.325159

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